How I Earned Millions to Buy a Car of My Dreams, live in a lavish estate and retire at age 26 in Just 12 Months 

Do you have enough money? Do you have everything you’ve been dreaming of? Are you happy with how your life is going? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then just don’t waste your time and close this page.This post ain’t for you.

Those who answered ‘No’, go on reading. I’ll tell you how to quit your annoying full time job and start earning KSh 100,000 to KSh 600,000 per month, from the comfort of your home.

I have succeeded in it, and if you want, you’ll be successful, too! It won’t hurt me if I share this secret with you, while it will help some of you to change your life for good and finally become financially free and retire in a few years.

First, a few words about myself. My name is Mutea Evans. I’m 24, I live in Kenya, and I’m just an ordinary young man.

When I was little, all I remember was that my parents made every effort to buy the cheapest food and clothes possible. If they were lucky enough, they would save up a bit for vacation and to invest here and there.

Once I graduated from secondary school, I found a job that hardly paid my bills.I was in that job for 6 months.This was back in 2013.I didn’t make much from it but i learnt a lesson that would drive me to financial freedom. I learnt that no job can ever make me rich. Why, we all have 24hrs in a day. No one can trade 24hrs a day for enough time or should i say enough money to make you rich.

I later in 2013 joined campus. While in campus, my dream was still alive. I had a dream to buy a brand new car and live in a lavish estate here in Nairobi confortably. I was therefore doing my research to start making money as early as i could. I was restless, i knew there was something out here that i could to get to achieve my dreams fast.

On weekends and holidays, i would work in schools and institutions. I made enough money for living, but I had a dream. I knew it was extremely expensive and I’d have to save up for years. However, this was fine with me. After all, it was a dream, and you just can’t make your dream come true in a day or two. Well, this is what I thought at the time…

I was really depressed at my financial situation then, prices were starting to increase due to inflation and living in Kenya became more difficult. People were upset but I knew I had to carry on working…

These were actually joyless times. I was looking desperately for any possible job opportunity on the Internet, but after nearly two years, there were no results at all.

I was about to abandon all hope, when suddenly I came across a web page. This was a story about a guy who had earned KSh 2,000,000 on the net, in front of his computer, without even leaving the house he lived in!

He said he had quit his well paying full-time job to work from home.

I felt dizzy. Could it be the opportunity I’d been looking for, the one that comes up once in a lifetime?i asked myself.

At first, I hardly understood anything, but I went on reasearching more info, websites, forums, blogs and other sources on this topic and eventually, I became quite knowledgeable in it. I felt so happy that I even remember this now.I also met him in Nairobi CBD for more details.It was so exciting to think I became an expert and could now start earning cash online…

The only challenge was,balancing class work and my new venture.i however made no excuses. I knew of friends in campus who were involved in different co-curricular activities and were spending a few hours daily on them. I treated my new venture as a one of those.

In my first 3 months, i didn’t make much, however, i was able to take care of my bills which was a big deal then.I was patient enough to learn the rules of the game bearing in mind that was a new venture.

Before the end of my first year though, I made $10,000(ksh 1,000,000). This gave me a lot of confidence in the industry. This is the point i decided to make this my full-time career. At first, i couldn’t believe i had ksh 1M with me.Since then, things have never been the same again. My dreams grew bigger and my way of thinking changed.

With the sh 1M, i started my own clothing line( and invested some.

The following year, i started living my dreams. I could now afford going on Vacation twice a year. I bought my first speed bike and 10 months later,i bought my first car, Brand new subaru.I moved out and rented an apartment in a lavish estate. I am finally living my dream.

As i look forward to retiring by age 26, i wanna share with a few people the secret to making a fortune online.

The internet is here to stay.I like the inspiring wisdom found in this old Chinese proverb:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

It’s easy to believe that life has passed you by. Your past can seem littered with bad choices and squandered opportunities. Now it feels like the end game, the downward stretch toward an utterly failed life.Don’t give up on yourself. Find a mentor, someone who has already been through the journey you wanna start and just start.

Your future will thank you for taking action today.

Now, let’s put my story aside for a bit, as I also want you to know what I’m talking about. I’m going to teach you what i do step by step, so that you don’t have to research dozens of websites, just like I did. I’ll just save you a lot of time and effort.

Why work online? Why the internet?
According to forbes, the Internet is the fastest source of wealth today. It accounts for over 14% wealth with the richest man on earth ever and the 4 under 30 billionaires from this industry.

I am a soon-to-be graduate from the School of information and computer technology at Technical University of Kenya….Am now involved in this full-time. I was offered a well paying job as a computer programmer in one of Kenya’s largest Telecommunications companies and i turned it down. Yes, i just did that.

Just like most of you, i wasn’t sure if this was the path i wanted to follow. I wasn’t sure this is what i wanted to do the rest of my life. However, the guy i read on that post that triggered my thinking, was there to help me get started, mentored me and coached me to the top.

Now, while typing this post, I’m just trying to remember it all over again… How did I make it? And the answer is quite simple: I just believed in myself! First, I found an opportunity, and then I believed I could make money just like that guy on the web page. And that’s it!

So, you need to believe you’ll be able to make it, too. This is very important, as you won’t achieve anything without it. Never ever! If you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll start thinking all the best moments in your life are already gone. And this will be the case, if you keep thinking that way…

If you are in despair and do not trust anything or anybody, you won’t be able to spot your life changing opportunity.

Try to look for such an opportunity everywhere, in every event that happens around you, in every person you meet, in every story you read on the net… Just everywhere! Always try to use these opportunities, they are totally yours! And then you’ll finally make it!!!

For some reason, I had always believed I will be able to buy the car of my dreams. And I did buy it! I didn’t save up, just bought it, as I had enough money to pay it. I’ve got an income source that will never be exhausted; quite the reverse: it brings more and more money every single minute! And yes, I no longer have to report to any boss or work long hours without even a chance to sit down, as it was before.

I make more money in a single day than I used to make in a month. And I feel incredibly free!!!

Was that actually a miracle? Could be. But still, it happened, so it was real. I just read an article, believed in myself and made a decision. This is how I made it!

Oh well, enough memories for now, as I’m already going quite off-topic…

First,what is required?
1)A laptop/smartphone.
2)Internet access.

If you have those or are willing to invest to get those and you have goals you care so much about, here is your chance. Whatsapp me via 0706343463 indicating your official name and location. My assistant and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Now go do it!

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